The inspiration and driving force behind Dogs Department is Oscar. Smooth operator, green eyes, chocolate and tan coat and world class charmer… And, because he’s a miniature dachshund, his length beats his height by default. Big time. From the minute we laid eyes on him, he captured our hearts. The feeling was mutual. As we fluently speak ‘canine’ ourselves, we knew exactly what he was saying.

To be honest, Oscar himself cannot really be accused of being picky when it comes to the looks of his feeder or the bed he sleeps in (although ours seems to be quite attractive). But he does care about being comfortable when he eats, sleeps, repeats … and to get loads of compliments when he accompanies us on a walk or for some wining and dining.                           

Oscar is always his charming self … DOGS DEPARTMENT-style!



THE STORY ... As anyone knows, Dogs Department has been a well-received brand within the industry of luxury dog accessories since the very beginning. As a huge fan from day one, I replied with a heartfelt ‘yes’ when I got the opportunity to acquire and continue Dogs Department after its 12 years of existence. According to Barbara, the brand and herself would benefit from a new vibe. Hence where we are at now! I was born with a dog-lovers-gene beyond compare. Since my childhood they have also been a constant factor in my life. While heading in the professional direction of marketing and communication, I decided to take private lessons in order to groom my own dogs (3 at that time). Surprisingly, after only a few months my teacher wanted me to compete at the Belgian grooming competition.
I agreed, and won the Novice Belgian Champion Title. From there on, what started as a hobby became an overwhelming passion. The cherry on the cake was the Gold Medal in the Champions Class at the World Grooming Championship in New York. Back issues brought my career as a groomer to an abrupt end. I returned to my previous activities in communication, as a freelance editor (lifestyle) and later on as an international marketing manager, until recently. Even through my ‘second’ career, the passion for dogs didn’t fade for one second. Combined with my interest in lifestyle and traveling, I consider the continuation of this brand as a mission that truly fits me like a glove. 



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