We know ... dogs will be dogs!

They sleep, play and sometimes eat (where does that bone come from?!) on their blanket or cuddle bag. So at one point it becomes imperative to wash their blanket. No worries on the Dogs Department side, as our tissues have been selected from project market collections! 

Our fabrics are washable - every single one of them

You need some good looking yet durable dog items, as you want your furry friend to enjoy them for many years to come. Well, if there is a 'usual' doggy wear and tear, they will. You can wash our faux furs and fleeces in the washing machine on 30°, but we prefer to wash them on the wool program. As you will need to air dry them (do not tumble dry!) you might want to add an extra spin cycle to your program. Using a hair blower can also help to fasten the process and will make the fur fluffy and soft.

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